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“A camera is a save button for the mind’s eye"

my Vision

– Roger Kingston

Whenever I thumb through my grandmother's old family albums - a favorite activity of mine since I was a child - I notice that, over and over again, I'm drawn to the same images:

My mother, holding my hand as we leap over ocean waves.
My father. propping me up on his lap so my little hands can proudly reach the steering wheel.
My grandparents, young and in love, gazing at each other in a private moment.

They speak to me, not just because they are pretty pictures, but because they make me FEEL.

When I photograph a family, I strive to capture the little things that may otherwise float away. The beauty of a round pregnant belly, a newborn’s sleepy perfection, a toddler’s mischievous grin, the spontaneous laughter between siblings – these are the moments that bring photographs to life. They tell a story. When you look back at your own photographs, it is likely not the overly-posed “say cheese” photos that touch your heart. It is a moment or relationship captured forever in still life.

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About KaMI

I get it. I’m a mom of two teenagers. I know how daunting it can be to get a good photo. Let me take that stress off your plate. Armed with over 10 years of experience, I may have a trick or two up my sleeve to not only make your images beautiful, but for everyone to have fun in the process.

Smitten with children, I’m drawn to photographing them because I believe we have a special connection. I often joke that my secret is playing half child psychologist and a half artist, but it’s true. Once you gain a child’s trust, their spirit will shine through in photographs.

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“Not only did she put a reluctant 10 year old at ease, but our 8 year old simply fell in love with her. The outcome of our session could not have been better highly recommend them.”


“If you are like most parents who struggle to get a family picture where everyone looks nice - no blinking, funny faces, crying - Kami is a miracle worker!”


"Kami has a gift. She is a wonderful photographer who gets all the details right - the emotion, the light, the colors, the personalities of her subjects - but she is also fantastic and SO MUCH FUN to work with."

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