Oh, what I year it has been!

I planned to do a post tonight (prior to the champagne frenzy, of course), featuring my favorite images from the year.  I spent the better half of the day going through galleries and bookmarking the photos that made me especially giddy.  I was being quite stringent with my choices and I still ended up with 83 of them.  That would have been one seriously long blog post, so I started to rethink things.  One of my resolutions this year (I don’t normally make them, so this is new to me), is to be more connected.  Not connected by the modern definition (email, facebook, etc), but connected by truly being present with the people that I love.  So this year I picked 11 of my favorite images that highlight the special bond between human beings.  I had some amazing sessions this year and there were so many others that I wanted to include, but I thought it would be fitting to keep it at 11.

Thank you for sharing your families with me.  My life is fuller because you have opened yours to me.

May you have many connected moments with your own loved ones in 2012.

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