With plans in mind to create this blog post, I set out to narrow down my 12 favorite images from 2012.  On my journey looking back through thousands of photographs, I’ve learned that it is nearly impossible to pick favorites. Photos speak to me for different reasons.  In some I love the light; in others I’m drawn to the emotion and connections.  Some stand out simply because I have a special place in my heart for a particular child or story. And they don’t just speak to me for different reasons, they speak to me at different times.  It is very likely that 6 months from now I would choose 12 completely different images from the same year.

Since I honestly can’t use a term as definitive as “favorite,” I’ll just say that the following are 12 photos from this past year that I happen to love a whole lot.  I hope you do too. It was a meaningful journey for me to work with all my amazing families and I cannot wait to see what 2013 holds!

Totally cheating on #12.  Sue me. 😉

(Last year I was wise enough to pick a theme.  Smart thinking for next year.  These were far too painful to narrow down!) 😉

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