The good news is that with each passing year, I get to add an additional image.  The bad news is that it’s still nearly impossible to narrow them down.  An interesting fact that I’ve found to be true with this yearly narrowing-down process, is that my ‘favorite’ images change all the time.  Photography is funny like that.  Just as our emotions ebb and flow, so do what draws us to a certain photographs at certain times.  The following are 13 client images that drew me in this week as I looked back over the past year.  It it with endless gratitude that I am able to share these with you.  I wish all of you a happy, healthy, prosperous New Year.  I’m excited to see where this year will take our photographic journey next!  Won’t you come along with me?

And without further ado… (which really means, let’s get on with the post so I don’t change my selections for the 100th time!)

(There are so many more I want to add.  This is torture!  Ok…ok…hitting “post” now) 🙂

And if you would like to take a walk back down memory lane of years’ past, you can click here and here.

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