It’s been a year since I first posted about the 5 Minute Project.  As my kids are getting older and busier, I find myself taking far less personal photos than ever before.  Coming from a professional photographer this might be a surprise to hear, but the task of documenting my own family life (not to mention the organizing, culling and editing) can seem downright daunting. It often takes reminding myself that portraits of my kids need not be a big production.  5 minutes is more than enough time to document a slice of time.

The following images were taken of my son before school on a recent snowy morning. We were already running late and had no time to waste, so I gave myself a 5 minute window to let him play and enjoy (what we thought was!) the last snow of the season.  This bonus of having such a short time to shoot was that I only had a handful of images to cull through and they took all of 10 minutes to edit!  Not so daunting anymore.

Try it yourself.  I think you’ll be pleasantly surprised with what you can capture in such a short time!

5 Minute Project - Spring Snow

5 Minute Project - Spring Snow

5 Minute Project - Spring Snow

5 Minute Project - Spring Snow

5 Minute Project – Spring Snow was inspired by this group photography project. Check it out to see what other photographer’s have done with their 5 minutes.

Kami Friday is a lifestyle and portrait photographer based in Nashua NH.  Kami photographs families, babies, newborns, couples, high school seniors, and expectant mothers throughout Southern NH and the Greater Boston area.  To inquire about a session of your own, please contact Kami Friday.


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