My son Max is gaga over everything superhero, so the theme for his fourth birthday party was a no-brainer.  Last year I took the easier (and saner!) route and held his party at My Gym.  I think I was still recovering from his second birthday.  Since MyGym handled everything, it was the birthday-planning equivalent of a day at the spa. 😉  All ready to outsource again this year, one tiny peek at Pinterest and those plans were thrown out the window.  Darn you, Pinterest!  You slippery slope, you.

But in all seriousness, this party was to plan (and enjoy).  I loved every minute of it.  And I’m pretty certain my birthday boy did too. Seeing ear to ear grins on these super-obsessed kids definitely softened the blow of picking 15 cans worth of silly string out of our grass.  😉

Photo booth fun!

There was a whole lot of baby rescuing…

…and web slinging.

And, of course, happy birthday singing!

Whew!  The bad guys were thwarted and the good can reign again!  It doesn’t get much more super than that.

For your own Super-party planning reference:

“Bang”, “Zap”, “Pow” printables

Game ideas

or just open up the whole can of worms and visit HERE!



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