We had such a mild winter and a downright HOT early spring, so it was no surprise that my out of town clients planned for a warm April session.  Erika makes adorable handmade children’s clothing and sewed 2 spring sundresses special for the occasion.  I warned her, after seeing the forecast, that it was going to be chilly, but chilly in North Carolina (where they live) has nothing on chilly in New England!

The girls were troopers, though.

This is 6 year old, Kaela

And her little sister, Shayna.

I went to high school with their mother and we recently reconnected through the powers of Facebook.  I was honored when they chose me to photograph their family while in town visiting relatives.

By this point it was positively freezing, so we lightened the mood with a good tickle-fest.  It turned out to be my favorite image of the day.

I loved goofing around with Shayna and her parents later told me that this image captured her personality perfectly. 🙂

Kaela reminded me of a little Shirley Temple.  She was a natural actress, striking up with her own poses.

Everyone loves a good smile, myself included.  But there is something so incredibly beautiful about a soulful gaze.  I adore this image.

Erika and Michael hadn’t had a professional photo taken of the two of them since their wedding (I know that feeling!), so I am thrilled that this one will be a part of their new wall gallery.

Thank you for sharing your lovely family with me.  Next time I’ll bring the hot cocoa!


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