During my in-laws’ recent visit to NH, we watched the movie Parental Guidance.  Billy Crystal and Bette Milder star as the “other” grandparents who, for the first time, babysit their 3 grandchildren while their parents go away on vacation.  We had a good laugh over the contrasts between old school and “modern” parenting – particularly the parts about the technology laden home (know anyone with a house like that, honey?) and the “let’s talk out our feelings” bit.  Comedy aside, the moral of the story is how grandparents are blessed with a second chance at parenthood — an opportunity to do it even better the second time around (and without the sleepless nights, it’s no wonder they can!)

My kids are incredibly lucky to have 4 awesome grandparents (and one super amazing GREAT grandmother) in their lives.

My husband’s mom is, shall we say, a bit obsessed with Ireland, so the tradition of baking Irish soda bread with the kids is kind of a big deal. Max’s first time on the job!

And while I’m on the subject of Grandparents, I couldn’t leave out these photos of my daughter and my dad making volcanos.

These are the kinds of images I bet my children will cherish the most when they grow up.  It’a a good reminder that I need to break out the camera more often when the Grandparents are here. 🙂

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