“I wish there was something I could do.”

Haven’t we all said that at one time or another?  All too often we feel overwhelmed and helpless, and though our hearts are breaking, we feel paralyzed.  After reading article after article and staring into the eyes of the people in each heart wrenching image, I couldn’t stand being a bystander for one more second.  Brainstorm quickly, I came up with the idea to offer a day of micro mini headshot sessions.  All money collected will be promptly split and donated to the following 2 organizations who are working tirelessly to aid in the relief of the crisis happening right now in Aleppo:

Doctors Without Borders

Save the Children

You can read up on why I chose these 4 star rated charities here.

Help the people of Aleppo while you update your headshot! It’s a great incentive to update your LinkedIn profile pic, the bio on your business or personal website, or just to have a great photo of yourself!

I expect these to sell out very quickly.  And that’s a good thing because I want to get this money out to the people who need is ASAP! Act now if you are interested by filling out this short form.  Spaces will be booked on a first come, first served basis.

Help the people of Aleppo while you update your headshot



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