After clients book a session with me, prior to every shoot, I have them fill out a detailed questionnaire so I can get to know them better.  When Lisa booked me, she warned that her daughter “doesn’t enjoy having her picture taken and has already told (her) having a photographer come to the house is “embarrassing.” When I read things like this, I actually smile because it is just to defy expectations.  I find that tweens and teens fit into either one of two categories when it comes to having portraits taken.  Either they LOVE to be in front of the camera, or they are nervous about it (which, because they are uncomfortable, can come across as not liking it).  When they are nervous, I’ve learned to leave my camera in its bag for a bit and get to know them first.  We talk, they realize that I am an interested, fun, non-intimidating goofball and it helps breaks the ice.  By the time the camera comes out, they aren’t thinking about how it is “embarrassing,” they are only thinking about how much fun we are having.  I’ve even had teen boys (the epitome of “hating” to have their photos taken) tell me that the experience “wasn’t nearly as painful as they thought it would be.”  And that is a good enough compliment for me! 🙂

It just so turned out that she and her brother were an absolute delight to photograph.  I was ready to take them home with me by the time we wrapped – my new buddies!  The following are some highlights from the family portraits we created at their beautiful home in Groton, MA.

A big thank you to the wonderful family.  I can’t wait to do it again some day!

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