The majority of my bucket list involves some kind of travel, but the latest checked off my list happened practically in my backyard.  It’s been my dream to photograph a birth for a long time.  Having young children of my own and a husband who travels frequently for work, I could never make the commitment of being “on call” 24/7.  When Heather and Matt contacted me to see if I would be interested in photographing their planned c-section, I jumped at the chance.  (And, if I’m being honest, threw in a little chair dancing.) 🙂 After birthing my two children and knowing how much of a profound and emotional experience it is (not to mention the deep regret I have from not hiring a professional for my own births), I knew that this would be a job I could (and would) pour 100% of my heart into.

I loved every single second of it.

It’s a high tech world we live in.  Facebook, selfies and Skype, oh my!  How exciting for big brother and sister to be right there with Mom and Dad.

Couple awaits birth of third child at Nashua NH hospital

Game time.  Just so happens that the same doctor delivered my daughter (in this OR!) 9.5 years ago.  He was gracious to welcome me into the action with open arms.

Nashua NH c section birth photography

C-sections are FAST.  It’s incredible how quickly the birth happens once they begin.  Notice the iPad in the lower right corner?  The family watches along live from home.

Newborn captured in photograph seconds after birth at St Joseph hospital in Nashua NH

Nashua NH Birth photography

One of my favorite parts of the day was spent quietly observing and capturing Matt getting to know his new son.

father spends quiet moment with newborn son at Nashua NH hospital

And then mom…

Mother meets newborn son after c section in Nashua NH

Nashua OBGYN doctor shares a laugh and holds the baby boy he just delivered

Followed by the proud new siblings.  I was impossible to hold back the itch in my nose and the tear that fell down my cheek as I watched these kids take him all in for the first time.

Big sister holds her newborn baby brother for the first time in Nashua hospital

Older brother and sister get to hold their newborn baby brother at St Joseph hospital in Nashua NH

Nashua NH Birth Photography


Time for his first bath and family visitors – a busy day for Ethan!Newborn boy is photographed during his first bath at St. Joes in Nashua NH

family members meet newborn boy at NH hospital shortly after birth

Nashua NH birth photography family portrait Thank you Matt, Heather, Alex, Molly and Ethan.  Your family will always hold a special place in my heart.

birth photographer in Nashua NH hospital

Now what’s next on that bucket list???

For more information about Nashua NH birth photography and newborn photography, please contact Kami Friday.  Kami is a NH-based lifestyle photographer specializing in portraits of families, maternity, children, and newborns.  She works throughout NH, MA and the Greater Boston area.


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