The transformation you undergo for motherhood is amazing, isn’t it?  You get pregnant, your body becomes a vessel for another human being.  You bring the baby into the world and nourish her with your body. You forgo things like hairbrushes, eyelash curlers, and sometimes even your toothbrush. I did it three times.

Time passes…no…flies…and you’re the mom of a toddler, a preschooler, and you finally get to breathe. Just a little.

Over the last six months or so, I’ve felt myself breathe again. My youngest is three years old, in preschool a few days a week and I found myself with more time.

I looked in the mirror and didn’t love what I saw. I love that I’m a (for the most part) nurturing parent, one who’d rock a bun and yoga pants, and be comfortable and confident in my ability to be a good mom.   But the physical part made me a little sad. Weight struggles…no makeup to speak of, the mommy uniform, hair in a haphazard bun most days. With a permanent “ponytail dent” to boot.

After three years of a fairly intense medical roller coaster with my son, I exhaled. And that’s where Kami comes in.  She suggested I book a contemporary glamour photography session with her.  I agreed and looked forward to a girls’ morning out sans children.

If “glamour” makes you think of what you used to get done at the mall (with garish outfits, big hair, soft focus shots, and rhinestones), you’re sorely mistaken.

What Kami had arranged for me was nothing like I had expected. A professional hair and makeup artist awaited my arrival. A playlist of my choosing was playing in the speakers. And Kami and her giant camera, which was initially the most intimidating part.

What happened next was glorious…I felt like a celebrity. Kami shot different poses, different outfits, and we laughed like I haven’t laughed in a long time. She gave direction to showcase different parts of me, demonstrated the best ways to stand, and where to place my weight in order to flatter the most. I got sneak peeks on her camera every now again, which helped me relax and really enjoy the process.

Kami really excels at the posing. What feels really awkward and silly in real life often looks amazing in photos.  It’s obvious she has studied the art of posing and really puts it into practice. She was truly prepared to shoot me, taking into account I’m not a 6-foot fashion model, rather, a person who’s a little heavier than average and all of 5-foot-3. She tailors her posing repertoire to her clientele, no matter if you’re waif-like or plus-sized.  Her pre-shoot questionnaire covers lots of things like what I feel my best features are, what type of makeup did I prefer, etc.

I was blown away when I saw the final product. Words can’t really do them justice. Just take a look.

This is me.


And this what Kami captured.



NH-Contemporary-Glamour-Photography-4 photo

NH-Contemporary-Glamour-Photography-2 photo

NH-Contemporary-Glamour-Photography-3 photo

Since the shoot, I’ve undergone a different kind of transformation. I take more care with my hair and makeup.  I feel more comfortable in my own skin.  I hold my head a little higher and throw my shoulders back. (But not too far back, right, K?).

What a gift.  Thank you from the bottom of my heart.

Lydia Acheson is a mom of three living in Southern NH with her three children and husband. She is an avid crafter and chronicles many of her projects on her This Crafty Girl blog.

For more information about NH Contemporary Glamour Photography, please contact Kami Friday.

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