It’s been a couple months since my last contribution to the Keepin’ It Real blog series that I, along with some fellow lifestyle photographers across the country (and Canada!), participate in.  I’m excited to share this month’s post because it is something a little different from me.

I’ve always loved making movies.  Half of my childhood was spent with a VHS video camera glued to my shoulder (remember those monstrosities?)  The amount of embarrassing footage that’s probably sitting somewhere in an attic is staggering.  Speaking of embarrassing, my husband digitized a bunch of my old VHS tapes and my children love to laugh their pants off watching me act out commercial jingles, talk shows, dance numbers…you name it.

Some proof for you. 😉


I took that love with me to college where I majored in TV/Film Production at Syracuse’s Newhouse School.  That’s also how I met my husband.

We made our thesis film together. 🙂

Career paths later took us in different directions and that’s pretty much where my movie making story ends.

That is until I heard about Xanthe Berkeley’s Time Capsule mini workshop over at The Bloom Forum.  I had owned my Nikon d800 for over a year but had yet to explore any of the video functions on the camera.  It was always on my “want to try” list, but like so many things, kept getting put on the back burner.  When the workshop annoucement popped up on my newsfeed, I figured there was no time like the present.  Xanthe inspired me to tell the story beyond the still image.

The following movie was filmed on my very first day experimenting with video on my DSLR.  I still have a long way to go (tracking focus on a moving object with a shallow depth of field while hand holding is…hard), but I learned so much taking this workshop.  Most importantly, I was inspired to make movies again.   Thank you, Xanthe, for helping me find this bliss again.

Here is my first (hopefully of many) Day in the Life Time Capsule.

Check out how lifestyle photographer Tressa Thomas is finding her own bliss here.  Just so turns out she took the same workshop! 🙂

Kami Friday is a New Hampshire Lifestyle Photographer specializing in portraits of families, babies, children, newborns and maternity.  She serves throughout southern NH and the Greater Boston Area.

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