Whatever you do, do not toss them into a desk and forget about them.  I beg you!

I know how easy it is for that to happen.  I know because it has happened to me.  We envision grand plans for our images and, more often than not, life gets crazy and printing them becomes part of the never ending “to do list.”  When I started my business, I debated whether or not I should sell digital negatives.  I strongly believe family photography is art that should be displayed (preferably on big fat canvases!) in your home.  And if not on your walls, than in beautiful albums you can pass down through generations.  This is why I always encourage my clients to order prints, even if they think they only want the negatives.

But we live in a digital age, and I completely understand the appeal many clients have in regards to owning the print rights to their images.  Digital negatives are a great way to archive your sessions and your memories.  You’ll have them forever (as long as you remember to back up your hard drive — hint hint).   And you can do a lot of cool things with them too!

You can also ruin your investment by printing at a mediocre lab.  When my clients purchase digital negatives, I include a very detailed document explaining how it is crucial to use the best lab possible when making prints (I recommend Mpix).   Because my monitor is specifically calibrated for color and contrast with my professional lab, you’ll always get the best quality products purchased directly through me.  However, as far as consumer labs go, Mpix does a pretty darn good job.

I plan to do a similar demonstration myself, but in the meantime, check out this super awesome article by Paint the Moon Photography.  Lightbulb moment, right?  Pinky swear that you will never, ever print another photograph at Wally World.  Same advice goes for your personal snapshots, k?

Moving on…

Aside from prints, albums and canvas (which I also beg you to never, ever print at a discount store), there are all sorts of other great things you can do with your digital negatives.  The following are some of my favorite finds – all producing high quality products.

In need of holiday cards or annoucements?  Look no further than In a Baby Carriage.  Not only is the owner a friend of mine, but she is extremely talented and a pioneer in the custom announcement business.  I ordered my own birth announcements through her and I still see them hanging on friends’ refrigerators 2.5 years later. 🙂


Also recommended is Tiny Prints and Minted.

And while I am praising Minted, how awesome are these photo calendars?  Not only gorgeous, but a practical gift!  Grandma needs one of these.  So do I.

Custom stationary too!

Happy shopping!

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