I’ll admit it.  Back to school is kicking my _____.

Juggling motherhood, volunteering, carpool, activity schedules and my business is proving to be no small feat.  I promised myself that I would finally organize our summer vacation photos and blog today.  While PBS television is usually a dependable tool for keeping my kids from complaining that they are hungry and in need of constant attention every 5 seconds, I found out the hard way that my daughter is now sneaky enough to raid the pantry while I hide work in my basement office.  She and my son just polished off a full bag of almonds and a half box of peanut butter crackers.  I found only the evidence.

Adding cabinet locks to the list.

(and a fridge lock, as my son just now entered my office with a bowl of grapes his 2-year-old-self retrieved…I couldn’t make this stuff up!)

So without further ado, our annual family vacation to Wells, Maine.  Dreaming today of those carefree days.  No schedules.  No computers.  Just keeping it simple and enjoying each other.



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