Admittedly, I have not culled though all of my personal photos from 2015 yet.  I feel like a broken record referencing the old cobbler’s shoes story, but we all know how it goes.  Culling through and editing them is on my winter to-do list, so be on the lookout for more posts soon.

While there is a good chunk of potential images missing from today’s post, it wasn’t hard for me to find a host of favorites among the rest.  The following is a taste of my top personal captures for 2015.

NH portrait of child in the snow photo

This image was taken during one of the first snowfalls of 2015.  Resulting from the burnout that inevitably comes after fall’s hectic portrait season, I admit that it can be hard for me to pick up a camera come January.  Every year at this time, I struggle to rediscover my love for photography.  More than once, it has been restored by shooting in the snow.


Southern NH lifestyle photographer captures last moments between a boy and his cat

Sadly, it was a big year for pet loss in our family.  Our beloved Havanese passed away exactly a month before we had to make the painful decision to put down our elderly, and very ill, cat.  My son loved him more than anyone. This was taken during their final moments together.


Nashua NH carnival photographyRemind me to visit more carnivals with my camera next year!


Nashua NH environmental head shotsThis is probably my all time favorite portrait that I’ve taken of my husband.  2015 marked our 13th wedding anniversary.  When your last name is Friday and 13 is the luckiest number of all, that’s a big deal!
Hollis NH boy runs in field photoCarefree.  My favorite state of mind to be.
Great Island Common Newcastle family photographerThis portrait of my daughter was taken over the summer after enjoying a long day at the beach.  I can’t pinpoint exactly why I love it so much, but I do.  It elicits an entire day of beautiful memories for me.


15 for 2015 - Personally SpeakingI can’t really take credit for this one, but I couldn’t not include it.  This portrait of my husband and I, sharing a moment in Central Park, was photographed by our six year old son.  I often say that once this kid learns Photoshop, I’m out of a job!
Greater Boston family photographer caputures siblings reading together under a blanketWhat parent doesn’t find bliss when their kids get along?  Here is proof that it happens sometimes. 🙂


Top NH photographer 2015 favorite imagesMagic of light. Sorcerer of sand!


NH portrait of child in the snow photoAnother example of why I love photographing in the snow.  It provides the perfect natural reflector to brighten a backlit face.
15 for 2015 - Personally SpeakingThis was taken on the first warm day of spring.  I adore that he is wearing only his robe and underwear.  Not a care in the world.
Nashua NH back to school family photographyBack to school.  Always exciting (for them and me!)


Top NH photographer 2015 favorite imagesThis portrait of my daughter was taken last February on our trip to Mexico.  I love the timeless quality it has.  Her eyes speak of transformation – a glimpse of a child, metamorphosing into a young lady.
15 for 2015 - Personally Speaking“I love New York”
15 for 2015 - Personally SpeakingAnd finally, this little guy.  You can find out why he had to make the cut here.

15 for 2015 – Personally Speaking is part of an annual series where I chronicle my favorite images from the past year.  You can find previous post like it here:




Kami Friday is a lifestyle family and portrait photographer specializing in the photography of babies, children, newborns, maternity and high school seniors.  Located in Nashua, NH, Kami serves Southern NH and the Greater Boston area, including Hollis, Amherst, Londonderry, Bedford, Hudson and Groton, MA.


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