“There is one thing the photograph must contain, the humanity of the moment.”
Robert Frank

This post is coming a little late this year, but it’s one of my favorites to write and I couldn’t make 2015 an exception.  Every year around this time, I’ll brew myself a large pot of coffee (In this case, courtesy of a little souvenir I brought back from last week’s vacation to New Orleans) and I’ll take a trip down memory lane with my hard drive.  As I culled though my favorite images, I found that there was a recurring theme among the ones that jumped out at me most – connection.  The gentle bliss of welcoming new life.  The reckless abandon of young siblings jumping on their parents’ bed.   A stolen moment of peace among the chaos.  And, most of all, the authentic beauty that is found right there in the middle of it all.

Connection is what speaks to me, and it’s what I plan to focus on even more in 2016.  I firmly believe that you can have a pretty subject, great composition, and dreamy light, but unless there is some kind of meaningful connection between another subject (or a single subject and the camera – more on that soon!), it will be lacking.

I think legendary photographer, Annie Leibovitz, said it best:

“A thing that you see in my pictures is that I was not afraid to fall in love with these people.”

Yes, Annie.  This.  This is the key.

I hope the following 15 images from 2015 give you a taste of what I mean.  NH Siblings hold baby brother for the first time at St. Joseph hospital in Nashua.

NH lifestyle family photographers captures Bedford NH brother and sister jumping on their parent's bed.

Brothers pose for family portrait in downtown Nashua NH

Groton MA mother snuggles up to her baby boy photo

Hollis NH family and newborn photographer photographs young girl with her new baby sister.

Groton MA preschooler holds her special stuffed bear photo

Nashua NH family photographer captures a Brookline family's laughter

Nashua NH newborn birth photographer photographs father holding baby for the first time at St Joseph hospital

Boston family beach photography

Hollis NH newborn photographer closeup of hands

Londonderry NH family photographer mother and daughter walking at Mack's Apples

15 for 2015 - Making Connections

Greater Boston on location lifestyle newborn baby potrait

Nashua NH teen, tween and high school senior photographer

Groton MA child and family lifestyle photographer photo

Thank you to all of my wonderful clients who have opened their homes and exposed their hearts.  What Annie says is the truth.

15 for 2015 – Making Connections is part of an annual series where I chronicle some of my favorite images of the year.  Previous years can me found here:




and way, way back to 2011

Kami Friday is a lifestyle and portrait photographer, serving NH and the Greater Boston Area.  She specializes in children, newborn, family, maternity and high school senior photography.

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