I remember when we first adopted you.  You had ringworm and were quarantined to the bathroom.  We fed you and pet you wearing a “safe suit” for weeks.  You were worth it.

I remember when your brother died and you mourned by peeing and pooping on all of our mattresses.  Boy, were we mad.  But you were worth it.

I remember when you tracked a live mouse into our house.  You were so proud to show off your catch.  I locked myself in the bathroom.  Laughing now, you were SO worth it.

I remember when I found you.  I was volunteering at the shelter and you barreled over about a dozen cats to greet me. I had never seen a cat with a personality like that.  I called my boyfriend (now husband) and told him that he had to meet you.  We had no intention of getting another cat, but you won us over.  They told us that you were famous and had been on the news for being rescued from a drainpipe.  It didn’t take us long to learn why they found you.  Your meow could be heard for days.

Our home is a whole lot quieter today.

Our dog may have been the one who stole our daughter’s heart, but our son only had eyes for you.

Countless blanket “forts” and daily not-so-gentle snuggles, you endured them all with not so much as a growl.  To the very end, you let him love you.  I wager to guess that’s because you loved him just as much back.


boy and cat photography

boy and cat photography

boy and cat photography

boy and cat photography

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