Like so many of us, in the wake of the CT tragedy this past Friday, I’ve been walking around in an endless fog.  Thousands of people have said it more eloquently than I ever could, so I will spare my thoughts other than to say that I am utterly heartbroken and forever changed. Many of the teachers interviewed (and several of my real life teacher friends) have talked about how their students are, in essence, their children too.

I feel the same way about my clients.  It’s an intimate relationship that is forged when you are welcomed into a family’s life to document it.  It doesn’t end when the camera stops clicking.  When I photograph a repeat client, when I receive a random email or a holiday card in the mail, when I’m lucky enough to run into them out and about town, or able to catch a glimpse of how they’ve grown in a facebook post, I smile like a proud grandmother.  These kids (and their parents) are a part of my extended family.

For many years I have studied the technical aspects of photography.  And while a technically correct photograph is important, the photographs I’m most drawn to are, what I like to call,“emotionally in focus.”  Connections, laughter, curiosity, comfort…love.  If you can feel it, I’ve done my job.

The following are some favorite moments captured this fall with a wonderful family I was lucky enough to also photograph last year.  You tell me.  Can you feel it?

The last time I photographed Alexandra, she was a newborn.  It’s always lots of fun to see my babies grow into little people!

This little face is sooooo Charlotte.  The session was going to go one way and that was HER way. I’m fairly certain that “no, thank you” is her favorite phrase. 😉 The new glasses just add to her sass.  Such a character, this one.

She’s fascinated with lady bugs and we were lucky enough to find one.


Before we wrapped, we went inside for a few.  Sarah and Darren have a lovely home, so I knew we would get some keepers before the kids called it quits!

Thank you, Sarah and Darren.  Looking at these images today put a smile on my face.  I hope they put one on yours too.


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