I’m smack dab in the thick of busy season; working round the clock to tie up loose ends with clients before the holidays.  In my chicken-with-its-head-cut-off state, I’m trying not to look in the mirror.  The face staring back to me hasn’t removed her mascara in 2 days.

And it’s cold outside.  Really cold.

So I am doing what any normal person with a stressful deadline does – procrastinate! 😉

A month or so I blogged the 1st half of our family vacation and never did make it back to sharing the rest.  Needing a break from my current craziness, I thought what better time than now to revisit warm weather, sunny skies and my favorite beach.

We laugh a lot on vacation.  Surrounded by family and friends, we let loose, act silly, and leave the stress at home.

This year’s play in Prescott Park was Wonka’s Charlie and the Chocolate Factory.  If you are local to Portsmouth NH, I strongly suggest you go next summer.  They change the show each year and it never disappoints.  A vacation highlight for the kiddos! (and parents too)

Not to mention how pretty Prescott Park is.  The purple ones remind me of mini Truffula trees.

Child paradise.

Mommy paradise.

10 years of marriage and…shhh…I still think he’s the sexiest one in the room (or the beach) 🙂

Farewell, my friend.  We’ll see you again after the thaw.


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