1.  Dramatic Light

I’m currently participating in a natural light workshop that’s pushing me to reach outside my comfort zone.  Over the years, I’ve spent countless hours finding the “good” light.  More often than not, this was a search for even, flattering light; the kind that erases dark circles and produces those picture perfect catchlights.  And while that type of light is good light (fantastic light, in fact!), I’m learning that “good” light  can come from unexpected places.  I’m loving the emotional feel only dramatic light can bring to an image.

2.  Warm Milk

Let’s face it, insomnia blows.  My work has a tendency to overtake me and it is not uncommon for me to lie awake for hours.  I’m convinced that the sneaky programmers over at Adobe have installed an insomnia widget into Photoshop.  If I edit right before bed, my brain won’t shut off.  The other night was especially bad and I was about 10 sheep away from begging the on-call doctor at my practice to give me anything. I tried to get out of bed and read.  Nothing happened.  I attempted meditation.  Are you kidding me?  And then out of desparation I remembered reading that warm milk might help.  I poured myself a big mug and, by God, it worked.  June Cleaver was on to something after all.

3. Pumpkin Martinis

As much as I love me some warm milk, a PG-rated beverage doesn’t always cut it.  Enter in my new favorite drink (and my husband’s too…shhhhhh!).  I’m not sure there is anything pumpkin related that I don’t love, but these puppies take the cake!  Click the photo for a link to the recipe.  You’re welcome. 😉

4.  Magna-tiles

The holidays will be here before we know and I’ve got to share my favorite plaything.  I will preface by saying that, yes, they are an investment. They are also the most played with toy in my house, which is saying a lot.

Not only are they perfect for a boy or a girl, they are fun for all ages, require no batteries, make no annoying sounds (you on board yet?) and are fun to pick up.  A toy that’s fun to pick up?  Sounds like an oxymoron, but it’s true.  The sweet clickity clack of the magnets stacking together is strangely gratifying, much like watching dirt getting sucked up into a vacuum cleaner (or is that just me?).  “Hey, kids.  How ’bout you pick up those 3000 Legos I keep stepping on and I’ll handle the Magnatiles?”

I think they are on to me.

5.  Zumba

I’ll be the first to admit it.  My time at the gym used to directly correlate with how crazy my kids were driving me at any given moment.  Free babysitting? You don’t have to ask me twice to go for a little jog.  That is, until I discovered Zumba.

If you’ve tried Zumba before and felt like you were teetering between an SNL skit and an episode of Candid Camera (been there!), then you need to try again with another instructor.  The instructor makes or breaks Zumba and I want to marry mine.  🙂

So what things are you loving right now?

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