If I’ve learned anything as a family photographer, it is to roll with the punches.  When I first heard about the Winnekenni Castle in Haverhill, MA, I knew I had to shoot there and I had the perfect family in mind.  Little did we know that the castle is converted into a haunted house every October for Halloween.  We arrived to find our “princess castle” covered in scaffolding, crime scene tape,  and black light paint splattered everywhere.  Can you imagine? After suffering a brief heart attack, I knew we could make the most of it.  And my awesome clients didn’t skip a beat.  3 year old Megan was so excited to see where Tinkerbell lived; she could hardly contain her excitement.


This was my second time photographing this family and it is always exciting to see how children transform in such a short time.  Megan turned from a quiet and shy 2 year old (although you would never know it looking back at the pictures) into a boisterous ball of happy, silly, 3 year old energy!


And at the end of the day, it wasn’t the location that mattered.  It was the love.

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