When one of my oldest and dearest friends approached me to book a session with her gorgeous family, I literally squealed.  They are such a wonderful, close knit crew.  Not to mention I’m a sucker for blue eyes and every member of this family is blessed with eyes brighter and more beautiful than a cloudless summer sky.

Meet Ella, Maggie and Molly:

Maggie and Molly are fraternal twins, but I’m not buying it.  They are a perfect mirror of each other and have a bond so strong a blind man could see it.  Photographed alone, they took some warming up.  I had to work like a circus performer to bring out the genuine smiles (Oh I’ve got tricks, baby! ;)).  But put those two girls together…comfortable and playfully natural in an instant.  I just stepped back and took it all in with my lens.

Their parents hadn’t had a portrait taken of just the two of them since their wedding 10 years ago.  It was about time…

These little ladies are textbook definitions of girlie girls.   They fear bugs and dirt and anything even slightly mushy on the ground.  They insisted on picking out their own wardrobes for the occasion, and it is fitting that they chose to wear their “gowns.”  I have a feeling there aren’t too many pants hanging in their closets.

Molly was very proud to show me her “funny face” talents!

Don’t you want a twin sister too?  I do.

It was shortly before sunset and the light was sweet perfection.  The kids were wearing out quickly, but I couldn’t bear pass up the kind of light photographers live for.  (Yes,  I get giddy over light.  I’m crazy like that.  And yes, I annoy my own family over it.  Thankfully Smarties candies always come through for me.  They make excellent bribes, by the way.) 😉

These final photographs are my favorites from the whole session:

And no photo session of mine would be complete without letting the children just go and be…kids.  Explore.  Pretend.  Dance.  Laugh.  Imagine.

The wonders of childhood inspire me.


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