Every now and then, I meet someone I feel like I’ve known my whole life.  There is an instant friendship.  One second you are saying, “Nice to meet you.” and the next you are sharing your life stories.  Ariella is one of those people.  In fact, so is her husband.  They took me in and opened up their home and hearts.   It was a pleasure to photograph the family and their newest addition, Eliana.

Meet Eliana Josephine – 5 days old:


And proud big sisters, Michaela and Naomi:


The last one of the group is just screaming to be blown up into a huge canvas.  Don’t they just ooze love?


Sweet perfection — every tiny bit of her.


Now that my own kids aren’t babies anymore, I miss these moments the most…

(like really, really miss them)


So small and she’s already got him wrapped around her little finger…


How lucky are these kids (and their mom!) to grow up with “Grams” at home?


Thank you, Ariella and Chris.  You have a beautiful family…inside and out.


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