So where did I leave off?  Must have been somewhere in the middle of ice cube baths, electrocution, and all around “are we out of our minds?” craziness.

My husband’s group was part of a much larger team that broke off.  On my way back down the mountain to catch the next obstacle, I was lucky enough to run into another friend just as he was going through the monkey bars.  Talk about teeth gritting.  (They all made it across, by the way.  Go team!)

Leaping over fire into a pool of water.  Just another ordinary day, folks. 😉

“Everest” – Teamwork at its best.

The Grand Finale – “Electroshock Therapy”

Poor Liz really got nailed..and nailed again.  I was relieved to see her tears turn into a smile.

Headband earned and well deserved.  Looking back, I should have presented my Dad (pictured below) with a headband of his own after dragging him up, down, and all over the mountain in 95 degree heat.  At once point we were literally sprinting to the next obstacle, my camera (with its huge and heavy 70-200mm lens attached) clenched between my hands like a rifle.  I couldn’t help but break into military cadence, “I don’t know, but I’ve been told….”

…Tough Mudders are mighty bold.

In case you missed it,Tough Mudder – Part 1 can be found here.  And here’s the link to last year’s Mudder in Mount Snow, VT.

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